a practice.

19(04) a set of public spaces


redevelopment of a series of public spaces

To reinvent an archipelago of public spaces, this proposal develops two sets of tools: an elementary catalogue of floors, networks and equipment and an inventory of urban typologies. Considering each place as a potential open air living room, it seizes a domestic vocabulary to magnify their existing attributes and expand their potential uses and qualities.

Programme: shared public space, nearby streets

Location : Ixelles, BE

Client: Administration communale d'Ixelles

Status: competition in 2019

Surfaces: n.c.

Cost: 2.960.000 €

Team: A PRACTICE., architecture and urbanism / ATELIER VELDWERK, landscape / ATELIER RUIMTELIK ADVIES, engineering and costs management / TRAJECT, mobility PIERRE VANDERSTRAETEN, public spaces advisor / SUZANNA ANTICO, lightning